TLR Races

Otherworld Mortal Realm Races

*Dracons—descended from Dragonians

  • Characteristics: Silver-rimmed irises
  • Abilities: Skin can change to scaled armor; talons; Dracon (night) vision; breathe fire and/or lightning
  • Strengths/requirements: Moonlight
  • Weaknesses: Lunar eclipse

*Summoners—descended from Banasheaths

  • Characteristics: White hair; pale skin and irises
  • Abilities: “Summon” souls/spirits and communicate w/ them*
  • Strengths/requirements: Souls
  • Weaknesses: Extreme sunlight

*Borrowers—descended from Viampathors

  • Characteristics: Violet eyes
  • Abilities: Able to “borrow” energy and manipulate it; see auras.
  • Strengths/requirements: Energy
  • Weaknesses: Caffeine

*Wardens—descended from Nymphants

  • Characteristics: Gold-veined irises; gold-streaked hair
  • Abilities: Able to control parts of nature (i.e. fire, water, ice, air, earth, etc.)
  • Strengths/requirements: Nature (whatever part of it the particular Warden controls)
  • Weaknesses: Copper

*Arcanes—descended from Faymars

  • Characteristics: Bright/bold eyes and hair; golden markings on their face
  • Abilities: Teleportation by portals; lie-detecting; tracking
  • Strengths/requirements: Truth
  • Weaknesses: Iron

Otherworld Immortal Realm Races


  • Characteristics: Pointed ears
  • Abilities: Telepathy; healing; psychic
  • Strengths/requirements: Memories
  • Weaknesses: Alcohol







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