TLR Characters

Evin LeFay
evinOne of our four main protagonists of The Lost Realm series, Evin brings a huge chunk of outgoing, light-hearted sarcasm to the series.
A former football star and high school “celebrity,” life in Boston is drastically different than anything Evin ever could have predicted—namely his sudden “nobody” status.
As if none of this is a big enough change, for the first time in his life, Evin is without a girlfriend—unheard of! There’s also the minor fact that he’s not entirely human, though who’s keeping tabs?
Despite all of this, Evin’s goal remains the same: protect his twin sister at all costs.

Emma LeFay

Soft spoken, but headstrong, our second protagonist of the series, Emma, is the voice of reason. Ironically, she is also the only person of the group to have been institutionalized.
A retired ballet dancer who spent most of her hours in the dance studio, Emma is slowly and reluctantly learning how to let go of the scheduled and controlled life she once knew, only to exchange it for a much more chaotic one.
If ever there was a time Emma questioned her sanity, now is the time. Supernaturally gifted people and violent, shapeshifting creatures just aren’t possible…are they?
Her goal: maintain some level of normalcy, despite her abrupt status as an Otherworld being.

Tristan Pierce
The third person from which The Lost Realm series is centered around is Tristan. Tristan is a rare character among the rest in that, quite frankly, he’s a complete sociopath.
Tristan is all about no-nonsense, and lives by the motto, “Whatever stands in your way, crush it.” His intense personality and dry sarcasm don’t leave much room for friends, but then again, who needs very many friends when your sole purpose in life revolves around killing threatening Otherworld creatures?
The recent arrival of the LeFay twins have put Tristan’s strictly routined life off-balance, which in his book is a major problem. Unfortunately for him, Tristan is expected to train with these amateur newcomers, while also protecting them from any harm that may come—if he doesn’t strangle them first.

Claire Doyle
tpThe last prime protagonist the series will focus on—but most certainly not the least—is Claire. Claire represents the bubbly, care-free spirit of the group.
A kind soul who also knows how to pack a punch, Claire’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if it’s not always the easiest route to take. Her extreme love of fashion may seem impractical for the Otherworld, but in Claire’s opinion, there’s no reason why anyone can’t fight and also look good doing it.
The LeFays abrupt entrance has thrown everyone’s life into a complete ruckus, and Claire loves it. A firm believer in “organized chaos,” Claire welcomes the unexpected change of pace with open arms—and a sharp weapon for whatever danger may follow.

Gwyneth (Gwen) Wood

Small and sweet, Gwen is the fifth member and supporting protagonist of the small training group of supernatural teens that the series will focus on.
Quick to smile and loyal to a fault, Gwen has a tendency to find herself in unfortunate situations more often than not. A people-pleaser, Gwen’s lifetime dream is that everyone will one day get along and just be happy together, starting with her own friends.

Alan Reynolds

Quiet and deadpan.
Our group is completed by the stoic-demeanored Alan. As Tristan’s best friend—at least on good days—Alan is looked to as the responsible one of the group. Unfortunately, more often than not, that role of responsibility usually ends with Alan attempting to keep his loose-cannoned best friend from getting into trouble—and much to his dismay, failing nearly every single time.

Caine Fletcher


He’s angry. He’s armed. He’s dangerous.
Caine Fletcher has had a serious vendetta to settle against the Council for over a decade. And what better way to do it than with the help of two of the strongest people known to the Otherworld?
Caine will stop at nothing to take down the Otherworld Council and the members among it. And that starts by using the Guardians to help him do so–-no matter what it takes.


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