When I was 17, I wrote and rewrote my first book. When I was 19, I received a life changing offer from a small (and ever growing) publishing company to finally see the series I spent the better part of my teenage years working on in print.
After a lot of thinking and deliberating, I decided to get my first tattoo about a year ago, then enlarged it some tonight. (I’m kind of a wuss, so I like to do things cautiously and minimally.) This mark is the mark of the Council (a Darspinger) from my own books, ‘The Lost Realm Series.’ 
The thing is, this mark is more than just a symbol from a book. This is a mark that represents loss and grief, especially for those characters where my books are concerned. Because in order to grow, we have to stumble and count our losses along the way. Over the last year and a half or so, I’ve had this lesson handed to me over and over again, and in a thousand different ways. I parted with the town and school I loved to take a risk in a town and school I knew nothing about, left people I loved behind, quit my stuffy office job, lost a few friends along the way (figuratively), and lost a beloved family member as well (literally). But among all the chaos and pain, somewhere along the way, amazingly, I started to grow. 
2015 has been a monster of a year, to say the least. I know there’s still a little over a month before it’s finally over (thank goodness!), but I felt that now was an appropriate time–if there ever is actually an appropriate time to get profound on social media–to post some thoughts. Apologies to everyone for the monologue. Sometimes it feels good to get on my philosophical soap box and use my almost English degree to talk nonsense. 
What I’m really trying to get at here is that the new Star Wars movie comes out in less than a month, so this year can’t be all bad, right? *Prays Abrams really knows what he’s doing.*
*To those of you gloriously dedicated, awesome humans who read my books and have asked when the next one comes out, I promise that I have not forgotten about you. I’m working on a little at a time, around the time when I’m not in school, writing papers, or having minor mental breakdowns. It WILL get done, hopefully over my holiday break. As always, thank you all so much for your patience.


Signing Success–Many Thanks!


So for those of you wondering, tonight’s book signing was a major success

I would like to give a humongous thanks to everyone who came out to see me tonight. I was so pleasantly surprised by the turnout, and even more satisfied with all of the new faces I had the chance to meet. You guys completely bought out The Guardians, and almost all the copies of The Secret Society as well. In other words, y’all rock! 

Many of you were asking about The Apprentice and when it will be released. Again, I am just waiting for edits, so the only answer I can give at this point is soon. Of course, though, I will keep everyone updated with each further step we take towards the final publication process. 

Again, thanks so much for the support today! It truly means the world to me. Don’t forget to leave a review after you’re done reading, as I am eager to hear your thoughts! 



P.S. Feel free to post all pictures from today to my blog and/or Facebook page! I’d love to make a collage!



Hello to all of my lovely readers!

My apologies for having been MIA the last couple of days. I’ve had a respiratory infection (yuck!) and have been trying my hardest to recover from it! Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to do so when you’re a full-time college student and also have a part-time job. 😦

I know, I know: first world problems.

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a belated Happy Halloween! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and I am truly saddened to have spent most of it in bed. I hope the rest of y’all had an awesome night, though, and that everyone was safe and got lots of candy! Fortunately for me, my little sister did go trick-or-treating last night, and brought home a huge bucket of goodies for me–her…*ahem*

Anyway, I’m sure whoever is reading this still is waiting for me to get to the part that actually relates to this post’s title. That is, HOW TO WIN A FREE KINDLE FIRE.

That’s right, I said free.

On behalf of my publisher, we’d like to show a bit of appreciation for our readers by giving them the chance to win a Kindle Fire. This way, you guys can read our newest releases on your brand new E-Reader! 😉

Just click the link above or below and enter in the contest.

Best of luck to everyone!


Keep up the “awesome-ness”!!!

Checked my ranking information today via Amazon to find it has increased rather dramatically (by over 50,000!) in just the last 24 hours! Um, can you say awesome?!

I don’t know if this sudden turn of fortune is due solely to the release of my second book earlier this week, my increased involvement with blogging, or a combination of both. Whatever it is, you guys rock! 

Please help me to keep up the good work by sharing this incredible news with your friends, and by reviewing my books if you’ve read them! The same goes for the other authors with Limitless. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Every single read and review helps dramatically! We truly appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their day to do this for us!

Thanks everyone for reading, and have a blessed weekend!