A Treat: TLR 4 Excerpt

In celebration of the 3,728 (14 pages-worth) of words I’ve written today, I decided to let everyone else in on my celebration as well. For all of my awesome readers, who have been so patient as they wait for me to hurry and finish TLR 4, I decided to reward everyone with a small treat. Before you read, be warned that this is an UNEDITED excerpt and you will probably be left with more questions than answers–what can I say? I’m a tease. I might also advise you you all to grab your tissues.

Enjoy, my loves! 🙂


When her surroundings finally stilled, Emma saw that she was standing in what looked to be a hallowed tree. It was the only observation she had time to make before she noticed the other occupant of the area.
“Tristan!” she exclaimed as she fell onto her knees beside him. She reached out to touch him, feeling furious and powerless when her hands went right through him. “Tristan, can you hear me?”
It was a stupid thing to ask. Of course he couldn’t hear her, not when she was nothing more than a lingering spirit and him injured and incoherent. Still, Emma felt comforted speaking to him, even if he wasn’t able to answer her.
“I apologize for what I am about to do,” an animalistic voice said from behind her.
Emma turned to look at the mossy bearded man and the dagger in his hands. Her heart clenched as she wondered what he was going to use the dagger for, and then unclenched in confusion as the strange man held the blade over the pit of flames. Only then did she notice the strap of leather wedged between Tristan’s teeth.
“Oh God.”
For his part, the bearded man tried to be swift as he firmly pressed the hot blade against the giant, unsightly welt on Tristan’s neck. There was a sizzling hiss, followed by an agonized howl that made Emma want to hold onto Tristan and never let go.
“You’re hurting him!” she yelled to the man.
Finally, the man lifted the dagger and returned to the fire pit. Emma couldn’t tear her eyes from the shiny patch of burnt flash the hot dagger had left behind. The man was at Tristan’s side again, once again carrying an orange-tinted dagger.
This time, Tristan’s emerald eyes flew open from the shock of the pain. Emma tried to block out his screams as she knelt over his body, as if by doing so would somehow protect him from any further harm.
“It’s okay,” she whispered into his ear. “I’m here, Tristan.”
Tristan shouldn’t have been able to make sense of anything that was going on around him. That much had already become evident to Emma. But as his dazed gaze suddenly seemed to focus on her, Emma sucked in a startled breath.
“Emma?” he murmured through the leather strap still wedged between his teeth.
Emma eagerly nodded. “Yes, Tristan. It’s me.”
The bearded man finally tossed his dagger aside and gently removed the strap from Tristan’s mouth. Emma barely noticed as he stood and disappeared from the room.
Tristan reached a hand out, as if he really could see her.
Emma’s eyes stung as she sadly shook her head. “It won’t work, Tristan.”
His tapered fingers grasped at empty air in response.
There was another throbbing sensation in Emma’s head, like some silent warning that she was running out of time. “I can’t stay much longer.”
“Please,” he murmured.
Emma held a hand as close to his cheek as she could without passing through him. “I’m so sorry, Tristan. Where I’m at right now…I’m lucky I was able to come here. Even luckier you’re able to see me.”
Tristan was fighting to maintain his consciousness as he breathed, “My fault.”
He was referring to her death.
“No!” she tenderly argued. Her heart—dead as it was—seemed to shatter into thousands of pieces at the grief that had spread over his pale face. “I knew what I was doing.”
Tristan howled out in pain as a convulsion shook his body. “Sh—should’ve stopped him.”
“He had us all fooled.”
Emma felt her presence in the living realm begin to waver.
The Realm of Shadows was calling her back.
“I have to go now,” she reluctantly told him.
“Stay,” he breathed, between ragged breaths.
Emma’s hair fell around her face as she bent to brush her lips against his. For the briefest moment, she thought she felt something—a tingling warmth that hadn’t been present before. It was gone before she could be certain.
“I love you.”
Tristan fell unconscious again before he could reply, exhausted from his ordeal. It was for the best, Emma thought to herself as she finally faded away. After everything he had been through, Tristan deserved at least a few hours of peaceful sleep.


Write, Write, Write

Please excuse this interruption for a quick update on my writing life!

Some of you may know that I’ve been writing short stories over the last few months for an up-and-coming tabletop gaming company called Knight Errant Games. And let me tell you, it has been what I consider a surreal experience to be a part of the writing world from this side of the table (pun intended). It’s seriously awesome, you guys!

What many of you may not know, however, is that a few weeks ago I was offered a contract and the chance to write a full standalone novel for KEG. As one of the nerdiest people on the planet and someone who has dreamed of writing full-time since the day I could write, I knew I’d have to be an idiot not to consider this opportunity. So after several more emails and a lot of thinking, I am ecstatic to announce that I accepted the offer and as of today, am officially on board to write what I hope to be a super exciting novel about even more super exciting things!

Come check out what KEG’s about through this link: http://www.knighterrantgames.com

In the meantime, for those of you who are eagerly awaiting for the day when I finally finish TLR 4, I wanted to take a moment to reassure everyone that I am still hard at work on it and really hope to be finished with it in the next couple of months. As always, I promise to give updates with each step of the process and wanted to thank everyone for your interest and support!


The Answers To All Your Questions….

Hey all!

I know it’s been some time since my last post, but I feel I owe it to all my readers to let everyone know what’s going on with me and my books!

Where have you been, K.L.???
For starters, I haven’t posted in forever because I really am pressed for time these days, even as I’m writing this sentence. Recently, I had a very big move (all the way from Texas to Alabama), and am now in the middle of my junior year at Auburn (War Eagle!). So anyway, big move=no time for anything and the same goes for the multiple literature classes I’m now taking, which all involve a lot of reading and even more writing (and not even the fun stuff!). Because of this excessive amount of writing research papers about other pretentious stuff, writing for fun has been (dare I say?) difficult lately. But I promise, I am still writing, if only a little at a time.

A big thanks!!!
Before I continue, I would live to give a humongous thank you to everyone for your kind words–seriously, it means the world to me!–and say that YOU GUYS are the reason I love this job. This has definitely not been the easiest of careers to follow–maddening at times–but y’all make it worth my while.

So what’s up with TLR series???
Ok, so, enough with the sappy crap. Many of you have messaged me over the past several weeks in regards to The Apprentice and the future of TLR series. DO NOT FRET. It’s not over until the fat lady sings! …please take no offense to that, just an expression! Anyway, this is my promise to you guys that I still have plenty to write about Evin’s journey, though whether Emma will or will not return I still cannot confirm. I just wanted to assure everyone that there is a story left to be told, but if my news about Emma only served to make you sadder, then, well, job well done on my part.

So when’s the next book supposed to come out???
Probably the most asked question, as of late. To that I can give no definite answer. As I said, being a full-time student who’s currently on the prowl for a part-time job (unfortunately, writing doesn’t exactly pay the bills ): ) it’s extremely hard to be able to write whenever I want. In short, I very much hope to have the fourth book done by next year, but again, no promises. I can promise, however, to keep everyone updated throughout the journey.

Anything in the works in the meantime???
Ah, yes. The other reason why TLR has been put on the back burner for the time being. Those of you who read my most recent book know how much darker it was in tone compared to its companion books. Of course, that was intentional, as I felt I really needed to give this particular book a little more than what anyone had seen so far. Unfortunately, the darkness of this book did make it mentally harder to write than the other two. There was a lot going on in the 500 something pages, a lot of planning involved! Because of this, I felt I needed to start work on something else, something drastically different, before resuming my work on TLR series. Because I would hate to give anyone anything less than my best! Rest assured, that though I cannot say anything else, there are other things in the works, which I am sure you guys will enjoy just as much as TLR series!

Closing words
In short, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m not dead–very much alive, in fact–and that yes, I do have loads more books planned. Again, when these so-called books will make an appearance is hard to say. I live a busy, if not boring, life. But they are coming! Again, thank you guys so, so much for your words of loveliness and encouragement! It gives me the drive I need to keep up the hard work! Stay strong, my lovelies!

Much love to all,
K.L. ❤

Blog Fest!!!

Hello everyone! 
I am super excited to announce that I have been given the chance to participate in fellow author Apryl Baker’s blog fest, this coming April (the 14th for me).
To sum up what a blog fest consists of, we’ll just say a whole bunch of really freaking cool extras but a whole bunch of freaking cool authors. Character interviews, bios, artwork, etc. 
Anyway, in preparation of the festivities, I decided that it might would be cool if I did a Q&A video, in which I answered anything and everything about TLR series, upcoming projects, whatever else. 
So here’s you chance to ask! Submit any questions for the vid to my Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or WordPress, and I’ll add them to my list. 
And in the meantime, make sure to grab a friend and check out Apryl’s www.mycrazzycorner.blogspot.com

Fictional Man Crushes

It happens once a week.

You log onto your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.) to find that Man Crush Monday has struck again. And while that’s all great for those of you with real-life man crushes, what about those of us who spend more time drooling over fictional characters rather than the ones we actually know? (Sorry, boyfriend…;D)

I think everyone can agree with me when I say we all have that one fictional character that just makes us go giddy when we think about them. So here’s a list of some of my favorite fictional characters of all time, as well as why I love them. And no, I didn’t include Tristan Pierce from my own books, because let’s face it: that would just be unfair competition for the rest of these blokes.

Favorite Men in Literature:

Jace Wayland–One of the protagonists from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series, Jace is your typical bad boy. He offers much of the comic relief, as well as tons of playful banter with his girlfriend (kind of?)–not to mention that he fights freaking demons for a living! And what girl doesn’t love it when a guy argues with her? Did I mention he knows how to drive a motorcycle?

Will Herondale–Also a creation of Cassandra Clare, though from her Infernal Devices series. Will is a lot like Jace, but I’m not complaining. Possibly my favorite thing about Will–witty commentary and random fear of ducks aside–is how willing he is to make sacrifices. Seriously. It’s hot. Did I mention that he’s British? 😉

Shane Collins–There’s something about Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series that I just can’t get enough of….oh, right. IT’S SHANE. Sarcastic, tall, dangerous…Words can’t express how very much obsessed I am with this character, but if they could, well, they’d probably be slightly too inappropriate for the internet. ;P Still wondering why I seem to like this fictional person so much? Just pick up a copy of the MV series and see for yourself.

Chaol Westfall–The stoic guard from Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series. First of all, this is probably one of the most underrated series out there. There’s something about Chaol’s reserved manner that just has me yearning for more. Unlike the other bad boys on this list, Chaol is a genuinely good guy, making readers want to root for him even more, I think. It’s obvious that he’d do anything for his friends, which, in some cases, is even more attractive than the false d-baggery we see from so many other male protagonists in teen series.

Adrian Ivashkov–He’s absolutely insane. And I think that may be why I love him so much. He’s also hilarious, and does a fantastic job of playing as the misunderstood artist card, without being annoying about it. Pick up Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series and you’ll see what I mean.

Favorite Men in Film:

Han Solo–Do I even need to explain myself? Harrison Ford….a sardonic criminal in a galaxy far, far away…I think we can all be in agreement here.

Sherlock Holmes–While Holmes is only slightly attractive to me in the books, I simply adore the way Robert Downey Jr. plays him. Does my borderline obsessive love of RDJ make me partial, you ask? Perhaps. But I still think he does a superb job in bringing this fictional mastermind to life.

The Winchester brothers–One word: Supernatural. Watch it. Love it. And then thank me later for introducing you to it.

The Bishop men–Walter and Peter Bishop from Fringe. While I’m not really “crushing” on Walter, simply put, I can’t help but roll with laughter by the man’s commentary. He’s insane. He’s brilliant. His son, Peter, on the other hand, is a different story. Like his father, Peter is brilliant. He’s also snarky and seductive, just the way I like ’em.

Eric Northman–Probably the only vampire I will ever actually like. What can I say? Alexander Skarsgard just does a kick-a** job of playing an even more kick-a** character in True Blood. He’s just so…awesome.

Peter Parker/Spiderman–As played by Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spiderman. That goofy smile. OMG.

James Sawyer–Josh Holloway plays him in Lost. He’s country and he’s sexy. That’s all you need to know.

Chuck Bass–I love Ed Westwick. I love Gossip Girl. I love a bad boy. I love a sharp dresser. I ❤ Chuck Bass.

Both (I loved them in both the books and films and decided they needed some serious credit):

Sirius Black–Not only was did I totally fawn over him in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, but then Gary Oldman was picked to play him on the big screen. I don’t think they could have picked a more amazing actor for the role, and to this day, get chills when I watch/read any of the scenes from HP with him. Seriously. What a freaking BA. *fangirling*

Jay Gatsby–The version played by Leonardo DiCaprio, of course. Oh yeah, and that one book called, The Great Gatsby, written by  Scott Fitzgerald. There’s something about Gatsby’s unfaltering hope that turns readers on, and his carelessness for what people expect out of him that keeps their attention.

Four–Theo James. Whoa. Veronica Roth did such a fabulous job of creating this complex character in her Divergent series. He’s cold, distant, and a heck of a fighter. Not to mention loyal, smart, and A HECK OF A FIGHTER.

Mr. Darcy–Matthew Macfadyen movie version of Pride and Prejudice, in my humble opinion, is the best. Jane Austen just does wonderfully at giving us a total prestigious snark to read about, while also somehow managing to make us fall in love with him. WHY, JANE?!?!?!

Finnick Odair–First of all, I would like to give a huge sarcastic thanks to Suzanne Collins for all of the emotional trauma she’s caused me from Hunger Games. Secondly, I would like to take a moment to cuddle with Sam Claftin.

Note: I’m fairly certain I forgot some people along the way, but as of right now, these are my main man crushes in fiction. ❤


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