Bucket List

Everyone has things they would love to do before they die. Here are a few of mine, in no particular order! (Things that are crossed off have already been done.)

1. Become a published, best-selling author. (I completed the first part of that, at least.)

2. Live to see my books get made into movies. (Still working on that.)

3. Own a cottage in the woods. Live in it.

4. Meet Robert Downey Jr. and convince him to marry me. (Ok, so probably I would just be content with just the first part of this happening.)

5. Visit the Massachusetts area.

6. Move to Oxford, England.

7. Obtain my college degree. (This should probably be up closer to the top of the list, huh??)

8. Go to at least one concert for each of my favorite bands/artists.

9. Sky dive.

10. Create and run my own “Haunted House.”

11. Have my own personal library in my future cottage, and also a reading “nook.”

12. Meet all of my favorite authors. (Aside from myself, of course. ;P)

13. Go to Comic-Con.

14. Adopt all of the puppies in the world.

15. Backpack around Europe.

16. Buy a green Jeep Liberty with butt-warmers and name it after one of the Ninja Turtles.

17. Write screenplay for a horror film.

18. Run a 5K.

19. Participate in UtopYA.

20. Have a massive walk-in closet. Preferably filled with tons of cute outfits and boots.

21. Massively contribute and donate to multiple charities.

22. Be a guest on Ellen Degeneres‘  show. (I don’t expect this to ever happen, but it would be so cool!)

23. Start up a tea and smoothie cafe/bookstore with my dad and name it “Porkchop and Doughboy’s.”

24. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

25. Visit Disneyworld.

26. Learn recipe for the perfect Chai tea.

27. Go on a cruise.

28. Invent a way that allows people to eat whatever they want without getting fat.

29. Visit Skywalker Ranch. Here is where I will finally train to be a Jedi.

30. Fight crime. (This will be done in a hot leather suit.)

31. Buy a medieval sword and a working lightsaber. (Why? Why not?)

32. Win the Pulitzer Prize.

33. Live with no regrets.


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