A Moment of Egotism

About Me960131_541747539222395_1190889773_n

It was at an early age I discovered that I was destined to be nothing more than a (witty) muggle. From there, I realized I was not whatsoever athletically gifted, an evil genius, or the next prophesied jedi. One thing I always was, however, was a dreamer. As a result, some of my best friends and biggest influences growing up were the characters from my favorite movies and books. (Alanna of Trebond, Sirius Black, Princess Leia, and Jay Gatsby, to name a few.) This eventually led to my writing several short-stories (reading them now, I realize how atrocious they really were!) which involved said characters from those favorite books. Yes, I was writing “fan-fiction” before the term was even coined. What can I say? I’m just that nerdy.

The passion behind my writing comes from the ability to be anyone and do anything, and because I can share the multiple different personalities living inside my head without anyone judging me—much. I hope to make an impact in other people’s reading; to be the author whose books are always there when people need them, just as Rowling, Tolkien, and Lewis were always there for me.

My child, Lily.12313987_10204237054521142_229450779430955886_n

This sweet face has been right by my side since the day I brought her home, and the same face I look forward to seeing at the end of every blessed day on this earth.


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