TLR 4–Where the Heck is it?!

To my readers, fans, and possible stalkers (and to those who consider themselves as all three):
After receiving several messages over the last few months regarding the release of TLR 4, I believe you are due a moment of complete, undiluted honesty.
The last update I gave, I told you all that I would be done with TLR 4 by late fall. I am still hoping to achieve this personal deadline, though I still have an overwhelming amount to go. For one, this book is significantly more complicated to write. For starters, the plot in TLR 4 is ABUNDANTLY different than its predecessors. Location, characters, etc. Then there’s the personal stuff.
When I finished writing TLR 3, I was going through a mountain of big-life changes. Namely, I was dealing with a lot of ends. The end of a serious relationship, end of a long-time friendship, end of a job, end of a school, and end of a place. Essentially, I was cutting all ties of things I believed to be weighing me down in some way or another. (Physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) I was exhausted. Then I transferred universities and moved three states over, basically on a whim. So I had to learn to re-adjust to my life and surroundings. Basically, when I thought of writing TLR 4, all I could think about was the changes I had just made in my life and some negative feelings that consequently affected my writing and my view of Emma, Evin, and the rest of the gang.
I was unhappy for a long while, and didn’t want to risk that unhappiness creeping into mine (and everyone else’s) world of Evmurah and supernatural Boston. Moreover, I was having a very difficult time finding any inspiration of any sort. Then it came, but not in the form of TLR.
So I temporarily set my published series on the back burner to focus on a new project, a project that I must admit has brought me more exhilaration than anything else I have ever done before. (All I can say for now is that it’s a blend of science-fiction and fantasy.) And I finished the book. But it still wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be. So I re-wrote it. Then again. And again. Until it was right.
By this time, I was under contract for a different company to finish a different book (more on that later as well). So I had to, once again, put a hold on TLR to make good on my obligation.
In the midst of all this, I was wrapping up my last semester of college. Again, I was unhappy. I was more stressed than I have ever been in my life and yet again dealing with tying up loose ends and friendships. (What can I say, I have an uncanny talent for burning bridges.) I was also in the middle of another major move.
Currently, I am writing (sincerely) to you guys from Virginia. I am also actively seeking a big-kid job, because as much as I adore writing and hope to one day pursue it full-time, I need something in the meantime to pay my bills, as well as my dog’s lavish lifestyle. I have finally returned to TLR 4 as my main project, and I am working on it when I can, though unfortunately, not as much as I would like.
I promise, you guys. I am trying. I want this book done just as much as everyone else, because I know I put y’all on a serious cliffhanger with the end of TLR 3. I pulled a total George RR Martin on everyone (sorry, Georgie), and for that I apologize. But it’s coming. I have not forgotten those of you who continue to inspire me to chase my dreams. I have not forgotten Evmurah and it’s magical inhabitants.
As always, I would be nothing without my readers, so I thank you all once again for standing loyally by me.

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