A Plea

At first, I wasn’t going to say anything, simply because I don’t have much of an opinion on the matter and the matter doesn’t apply specifically to me. But after hundreds of hateful posts and comments (from both sides) filling all of my news feeds across the internet spectrum, I felt it my right, per the First Amendment, to say something. Before I get on my soap box, let me say that this is not intending to be a lecture or political sermon of any kind, but rather, a heartfelt plea.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court passed a monumentally historical decision. As a born and bred Christian, I was taught many lessons growing up, above all, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned” (Luke 6:37). It is this lesson in particular that I have tried to apply most of all to my life, and this lesson that I applied to yesterday’s news. That having been said, there were many people who disregarded this mindset entirely (again, across both spectrums) and instead chose to act with disgrace and hate.

Yes, there were many people opposed to the SC’s decision. There were many people whom, like me, grew up in a church setting and were taught to view the world through moral lenses. Though these people have been brought up to believe in the union between only man and wife, I noticed many of these same people held their peace (yes, peace) yesterday in receiving the SC’s decision and remained dignified, even if they might have felt uncomfortable or disappointed. Again, Luke 6:37. On the other hand, I noticed there were many other people raised in the same way that reacted with outbursts of hate and near violence, something that DOES go against Christian standards. Then, there was another group, a group that chose to caustically mock the Christian religion and its followers as a whole in a manner that was just as violent and disrespectful as the formerly mentioned group.

Deep down, this hurt me. This hurt me because I live in a country where we are promised safety and freedom. Freedom of the press, speech, religion, and, as of yesterday, whom we marry, regardless of gender. Unfortunately, the more people continue to treat each other and the law with hate and violence, the more I continue to feel less safe and less (religiously) free.

To those not affiliated with the Christian religion, please note that it is both offensive and unfair to group all of us as a whole when there are some who would act disgracefully in His name. Also note that I would like to apologize for anyone who treated yesterday’s news with outright hate and violence. Yes, they have as much right to freedom of speech as anyone else, however, that is not the Christian way. That being said, it was just as unacceptable for those in favor of the SC’s decision to provoke and/or bash anyone associated with the Christian religion, simply because of the morals myself and these people choose to stand by (note that this was not everyone, just a select few). Once again, not everyone thinks or is the same and does not deserve to be treated as such.

I will finish this long-winded speech off by saying for the second time that I reserve all judgment on the SC’s decision, simply because it is neither my judgment to pass, nor any of my business (maritally or orientation-wise). As a Christian, I feel it is my job, as well as the rest of His followers, to act, not with hate or judgment, but with peace and love. THAT is what we are called to do–not just “we” as in Christians but in non-followers as well. In a country that continues to fill with hate and violence, love is what we–ALL OF US–need most right now. “‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF'” (Mark 12:31), regardless of whom that “neighbor” is and whether or not you agree with them or their lifestyle. THAT is my plea.

I apologize for such a long, deep post. Rarely do I ever take the time to get so philosophical on the internet. I am happy for those who feel happy by yesterday’s events and saddened by those who chose to react with hate and/or mockery. As for me personally, I remain neutral on the decision, in a state of reserved judgment, as it is not my place to pass it.

For those who disagree what I’ve taken the time to write, please do not respond with hate (as that is the very thing I have just urged against) but simply ignore this or, if it makes you feel better, block me.

Much love,


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