On “The Apprentice”: Why I Had to Kill a Main Character

So in the last few weeks, I’ve had multiple people contact me with concerns about TLR series. “Will there be another book?” or “When does Book Four come out?”

To the first, I say yes. I do plan on writing seven books featuring the LeFays. Besides, what kind of a person ends an entire series the way I ended “The Apprentice”? I am devious, yes. Cruel, even. But I am certainly not a sadist! Now, that having been established, I cannot give a set date nor time frame for TLR 4. The last couple of months have seen me very hard at work on many different and unrelated projects, one of which in particular has consumed most of my free time. And I promise, it will be just as awesomely action-packed as TLR series!

Now, I do believe a bit of explanation is in order for the way I ended things in my last book! If you feel at all wrong or cheated by the terrible events that have happened in TLR up to date, you have every right to feel that way. However, here I feel I must justify my decision for killing off such a major character.
For those that have yet to finish “The Apprentice,” I suggest you stop reading here.


Emma is dead. Gone. No longer with us. Zilch. I agree, it’s awful. Poor Tristan. ☹ So why did I do this? Why would I kill off such an important character? Quite simply, my lovelies, because I could. Far be it from my to be a predictable writer. I didn’t want my readers getting too comfortable with the thought that all of my main characters would remain safe, that I couldn’t kill anyone. Not only that, but Emma’s death serves as a vital plot movement, which will be carried out in my next book. It’s interesting to see how death can affect the people closest, and I’m very excited to also explore this idea.

“The Apprentice” was the darkest book of the series to date, but was only the beginning. I’m sorry to those of you who have suffered at the tips of my fingers (little writer humor for you there), but here’s to not promising any happy endings in the future. Thank you to everyone who has read all of TLR books and contacted me, and please bear with me as I continue work on the next book.



2 thoughts on “On “The Apprentice”: Why I Had to Kill a Main Character

  1. Hey just finished your three books in 3 days. i am completely enraptured by them. Basically they are awesome. My heart literally broke when Emma died and i also felt the same hope Evin did when Marek said they could save Emma…. So I am guessing(and strongly hoping) that Emma will be back and kicking with everyone.

    1. Hi, Zoe!

      So sorry for the delayed response! I’ve been in the middle of a move and haven’t checked my wordpress site in forever!

      I am so, so flattered that you’ve enjoyed TLR series, and even more so that I have managed to cause such emotional distress in a reader (devious, I know).

      Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor deny the return of Emma LeFay. I can, however, confirm that I do plan on writing four more books concerning the fates of the rest of our favorite characters. When the next book will be finished and ready to read, though, I can’t say, as I am currently working on other projects.

      Of course, I will keep everyone informed with every bit of interesting news I have.

      Thank you for reading!

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