Book Signings and Blog Fests!!!

Hey all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that books 1&2 of TLR are currently still on backorder at Hastings Entertainment, which means that unfortunately, it is unlikely they will arrive in time for my signing on Saturday. The good news is that the awesome book managers did manage to snag several copies of The Apprentice, and have it set back until then.
We’ll just have to make due with what we have!

While I’m at the announcements, I thought I should let everyone know that my author friend, Apryl Baker is hosting another blog fest in October. She has been kind enough to give me a spot in the festivities, and It. Is. Going. To. Be. Amazing. Of course, “The Apprentice” will be featured, along with character bios, interviews, etc. So here’s what I need from my readers/friends.

I would really love to make some book trailers, but I’m an author, not a director, so my film skills are limited. Anyone have any recommendations? Head over to and check out the site for what to expect!

See you all this Saturday at the signing from 4-9!


One thought on “Book Signings and Blog Fests!!!

  1. Good evening Penington… I hope your evening was a success. This is Javier.. . I love to learn new information and I hope I was not to direct when I was talking with you at Hastings. It will be great if I could learn more from your successes. Have a good weekend!!

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