Forgive Me-Why “The Apprentice” Release Will Most Likely Be Pushed Back

To my majestic readers,

It greatly pains me to say this, but due to a mixture of very complicated circumstances, it looks as if the release date of “The Apprentice” will be pushed back another few weeks. 😦

As I said, this is due to many factors. Primarily, I had hoped to have final edits done within only a couple of days of receiving them, which was earlier this week. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, as a minor emergency did come up the other night and I spent the better part of yesterday with a terribly crippling sinus infection. These two events alone did set me back a good day.

Obviously, nothing would have made me happier than having everything done and the edited version sent back to my publisher, but after reading through what needs to be done, I would rather take a little extra time to polish and perfect it, for all of my reader’s sakes, than just submit an “okay” copy.

I hope you all understand and are able to bear with me as I put the finishing touches to what I hope to be the best, most exciting book of TLR series yet.

I thank you for your patience and loyalty, to the moon and back. And of course, I will let everyone know when “The Apprentice” is in its final stages of pre-release.

Much love.


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