T-Shirt Design Competition: Win a Chance to be Written into the Next Lost Realm Book!!!!

Hello, my lovelies!!!

I know it has been a very long time since my last post. Quite frankly, that is because I’ve been busy with life and stuff.

Yeah, I know: boring.


Anyway, I was sitting at home working on important, top-secret stuff when all of a sudden, a thought came to me.



Admittedly, this idea was not entirely mine. I have seen many other authors who have created shirts for their own book series, and I think it’s brilliant. Many of you are probably aware that as far as worldwide marketing and ads go for TLR series, they are sparse and far.

UnknownUnfortunately, because of this, TLR series is not getting nearly as much attention as I had hoped they would, which makes me very sad. So here’s my solution. In an effort to get TLR series out there and in the public eye, I’ve decided to host my very first competition. And what kind of competition is that, you ask?

The kind where you design what you think these holy t-shirts should look like, for the chance to win an exclusive character in the next Lost Realm book.

I’m serious.


Starting today, I will be hosting this challenge, where it will last until the end of this month. Now, depending on how this goes, I would love to actually be able to order a bulk of shirts and sell them via my blog and Facebook page. That, however, all depends on you guys.

What I need, aside from some fantastic designs, is for everyone to share this post, as we all know that it’s not a competition without the competitors. So help an author out and blow everyone’s newsfeed up with this!

I mean, come one! I even figured out how to get the gifs on here for y’all!


May the odds be ever in your favor, and please, play nice. 😉