GHOST FILES V3 COVER REVEAL!!! (GF V1: Soon to be a Motion Picture)

Grab a flashlight and turn the lights out, and try not to scream too loudly!

Please take a moment to stop by my good friend Apryl Baker’s site and check out her bestselling Ghost Files books.




The Ghost Files Volume 3

By Apryl Baker


Summary from Goodreads:

One, two, the ghosts are coming for you…

Three, four, better salt your door…

Five, six, death and hatred mix…

Seven, eight, help will come too late…

Nine, ten, never reap again…

Seventeen year old, Mattie Hathaway, has enough on her plate without having to deal with the latest teenage ghost drama. The ghosts of eight murdered girls are out for her blood. They blame Mattie for their deaths. She has to figure out what happened to them before they make sure she ends up just like them…dead and angry.

Not only that, but she has to face the greatest fear of her young life, the death of someone she loves. Can she let nature take its course or will she interfere and cause the balance of life and death to spiral out of control?

She’s out of time, and doesn’t know if she should trust Silas, the demon who has taken a very disturbing interest in her or her father, a man just as evil as Silas. Either way, she has to make a choice. But what will it cost her and those she loves?

Coming June 10, 2014

From Limitless Publishing

Find Apryl at any of these places!


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