TLR Book 3–The Last Chapter

Hey all!

So I decided that in celebration of my soon to be upcoming release of Book 3 of “The Lost Realm Series” that I would give everyone a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on. Let me know what you think when you’re done!

So without further ado….




Emma stood alone in the middle of the otherwise raging battlefield, her white dress soaked in blood that was not hers. Alan and Gwen were dead, and she had gotten separated from the other remaining few during the fight. But she didn’t have time to mourn her two friends. From the ways things were going now, one Celestial soldier falling after another, things were very rapidly going downhill.

“Guardian!” a familiar voice boomed from behind her.

Emma slowly turned, eyes narrowing in barely contained fury when she spotted Caine Fletcher, his golden hair and skin startling contrast against midnight-colored stallion he rode. “Caine.”

With a sickening smirk, the Dracon, announced, “I have a present for you.”

Emma gasped when one of his followers suddenly stepped forth, roughly dragging with them a bloody and restrained Tristan. “Emma!” he yelled, blood spluttering from his mouth. “Run—”

Emma screamed in despair when Tristan abruptly cut off, the sword of the Rider that had been retraining him running cleanly through his chest.

“Caine!” another voice hollered before Emma could make another move.

Evin and Claire stood at the edge of their bloody circle, weapons raised. They had seen Tristan fall, and from the mirrored grieving expressions on their faces, things were about to get even bloodier.

“I was just looking for you,” Caine said, flashing a disconcerting smile.

“You found me.”

Dragon people flew ahead of them, fire shooting from their mouths and charring the field around them. Sweat beaded on Emma’s brow, but she ignored it.

Evin and Claire surged forward then.

Evin managed to slice several impeding Riders out of his way, with Claire quickly taking care of the ones his missed. They were truly a couple to be trifled with, on and off the battlefield.

It was as Emma was thinking this that a Rider had appeared behind Claire.

“Claire!” she shouted, unable to get passed the wall of Riders blocking her path.

Claire whirled to face her, her violet eyes rolling upward in her skull when the Rider’s blade sliced cleanly through her. Evin had also paused to see what the commotion was, and at the sight of his girlfriend’s battered and falling body, he let out a livid roar.

He charged Caine.

Caine didn’t even blink a golden eye before suddenly arching his back and letting loose a trail of orange flames at the Guardian. Evin’s sword clattered to the charred ground. Emma watched in horror as her twin’s ashes were whisked away in the blowing wind.

“I told you this was a losing battle, Guardian,” Caine said to her as he flicked his horse’s reins. Emma raised her arms protectively in front her, as if that would somehow stop the massive charging beast.

So this was it.

Of all the ways to die, Emma had never imagined being trampled to death.

Caine’s stallion was upon her.

Everything went black.


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