Blog Fest!!!

Hello everyone! 
I am super excited to announce that I have been given the chance to participate in fellow author Apryl Baker’s blog fest, this coming April (the 14th for me).
To sum up what a blog fest consists of, we’ll just say a whole bunch of really freaking cool extras but a whole bunch of freaking cool authors. Character interviews, bios, artwork, etc. 
Anyway, in preparation of the festivities, I decided that it might would be cool if I did a Q&A video, in which I answered anything and everything about TLR series, upcoming projects, whatever else. 
So here’s you chance to ask! Submit any questions for the vid to my Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or WordPress, and I’ll add them to my list. 
And in the meantime, make sure to grab a friend and check out Apryl’s


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