Lost Realm Goes on Tour


Hello my lovely readers!

So sorry it’s been forever since my last post! The holidays for me have been INSANE. 

I just wanted to let everyone know the The Lost Realm series will be going on its first blog tour January 20-24 of 2014! The tour will include lots of awesome stuff, such as additional info about myself (maybe not so cool) and the books (much cooler). There will also possibly be book swag, although you’ll have to tune in yourself to find that out for sure. 😉

Anyway, I’m writing this, first and foremost, to let you all know about the tour, and secondly to add that I will be writing up at least one–possibly more–short stories centered around the series. However, before I can start, I would love to know my readers’ opinions. 

Who is you favorite character in TLR series? Would you be interested in reading about a day in their life, if you haven’t already? Would you like more romance, action, etc.? 

Let me know and I will definitely put them on the table for consideration.

Hope to “see” you all during the tour! 


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